Friday, March 8, 2013

Writing Psychology

Sometimes, for fun, I take personality tests, specifically tests on the Myers-Briggs types. The fun part is when I take the tests from the POV of my characters! This accomplishes several things:

  • It helps me to think like my characters.

  • It helps me to understand my characters.

  • The description at the end of the test helps me to figure out if I have a correct and clear picture of my character’s personality.

  • It provides insight in how a character of that personality might think or process things, which helps me to write a more believable character.

  • It’s just plain fun.

  • As with real people, personality tests are good only to a certain point. However, they can provide insight and inspiration. Especially for those of us who have a hard time imagining life from a different perspective. I’m a logical, introverted, semi-nerd who enjoys science and music. What if my character is a creative extrovert athlete type? Something like a personality test could help me to understand how a character like that might think.

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